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One of the great features of Worldox is the ability to email a document directly from within Worldox. Simply right mouse click on a document and select email. A new blank email message appears with your document attached to it. Often, however, that email is actually and truly blank, when it should have your automatic signature attached. Worldox, does offer a way of adding your signature automatically to outgoing messages. Just follow these steps.

Technology: Is it Serving You, or are You Serving it? Own your technology – Don’t let it own you!

In this three-part series starting in March, learn how to manage your daily tasks and how technology can help you to improve client communication and achieve your professional goals. Enhance your time management and technology skills to regain control of your law practice… and your life. Learn the pathway to a productive, more paperless law practice. Most lawyers and legal professionals feel they are being overrun with paper, and ironically, the more paper lawyers have, the harder it is to find what they’re looking for. Let Affinity Partner, Paul J. Unger help you tame the digital chaos!

Microsoft Word Emergency Room

Word ER is a per-incident tech support service where we fix your documents for you. Further, we don't just fix the problem you contacted us about, we will look for and fix all problems we find in the document so it works perfectly in the future. We can solve literally any problem including issues with tables of contents, tables of authority, automatic paragraph numbering, tables, automatically updating paragraph cross references, section breaks, indents, captions, bulleted lists, Word programmatical default settings, Word formatting default settings, signature blocks, formatting stability, page numbering (turn off/on, start over, switch format), etc. We can even fix issues with electronic letterhead or pleading paper.

Turning Over a New Financial Leaf in 2017

Time, Billing & Accounting may not be everyone's favorite words, but effective use of software to manage these mission-critical tasks can be the difference between success and failure.

As we end the year, we like to look back at some of the biggest events from 2016. This year some of our most excited and well attended webinars we ahve ever hosted. From entire webinar series to help short webinars, this was truly the year of the webinar for Affinity Consulting Group.

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